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Limitless Angles
Workout Variation

what is KATN Strength Engine?

Logan Paulsen spent ten years in the NFL as a tight end. A position which requires a combination of strength, speed, and mental/physical toughness. The KATN Strength engine is designed people seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, athletes at the collegiate level, and professional athletes.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from athletes to a  U.S Army Special Forces Soldier.

I have used many forms of resistance training before but none as effective as the KATN Strength Engine. I was able to focus on specific movement weaknesses that I had and even greatly improve movements that I had believed I had already mastered. I noticed differences in my play almost immediately and decided that I must get my hands on a KATN as soon as possible. The system is easy to use easy to transport and would drastically improve any training program or space.

Casey Toohill |NFL Tight End

After two knee surgeries and a decade of competitive basketball, working out became synonymous with knee pain. However, using the Strength Engine and the KATN Training Methodology has been a revelation. I now understand the muscle systems that support my joints, and I am stronger than ever.

Kelly P.

0 – 1000 pounds | Limitless Angles | Portability

Progressive Overload

The KATN® Strength Engine  grows with you – from 0 to 1,000 pounds. The most important principle of strength development is progressive overload or the ability to add weight/intensity to a movement. The resistance on the KATN® Strength Engine is accommodating in nature – as the user pushes harder, the machine works harder to resist. This allows the user to create more mechanical tension per rep, allowing for greater strength development.

Limitless Angles

The KATN® Strength Engine uses friction-based resistance, which can be applied to horizontal or vertical force vectors. Possible movements include sprinting, sled pushes, standing broad jumps, deadlifts, lunges, rows, squats, overhead press, etc. There is no limit.  KATN® any direction.


The KATN® Strength Engine is small enough to fit in a travel bag, and light enough to travel with. Our device is nearly silent, making it ideal for gym, home, or hotel use, so you can KATN®Anywhere. 

Product Name

Product Weight

Spatial Footprint(inches)

Sprint Work

Strength Work

Price(Attachment noy included)

Range of Cost(Plates Cost $1-$3 per lb)

Cost of Fully Loaded Equipment

Rouge Dog Sled 1.2

103 lbs





$500 - $1,500


Rouge Echo Dog Sled

87 lbs

36.5 x 25




$450 - $1350


Rouge Slice Sled

65 lbs

27.5 x 22.7




$300 - $900

$490 - $1,090

Rouge Butcher V2

75 lbs

42.25 x 47.25




$500 - $1,500

$785 - $1,785

Rouge S-25 Fatboy Sled

38 lbs

21.5 x 16




$500 - $1,500

$360 - $1,630

S-35E Rouge E Sled

26 lbs

28.75 x 9 




11 Calibrated Steel Plates = $1,1800 (484lbs), Comp Plates $1,067.85 (315lbs), $313.30 (180lbs)

$413 - $1280 (Calibrated Weights)

Power Max TA1541 Sprint Start Sled

27 lbs

37 x 17 x 15




N/A Sprint Sled Only

N/A Sprint Sled Only

KATN Strength Engine

5.5 lbs

11 x 125 x 5



Not Sold Without Attachments

No Added Weight Needed - Up to 800 lbs

$496 - Attachments Included

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