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KATN® Founder and Product Designer

Logan Paulsen

Logan spent ten years in the NFL as a tight end, a position which requires a combination of strength, speed, and mental/physical toughness. He played for five teams – the Washington Football Team, the Chicago Bears, the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Houston Texans. Along the way he worked with some of the finest and most knowledgeable strength and conditions (S&C) coaches in professional sports, learning from both observation and from his own experience which approaches to S&C were most effective, and what kind of equipment best supported each approach. He also learned that to be effective a training regimen must be tailored to an athlete’s specific needs, and the equipment used must be flexible and adaptable to those needs.

After retiring from the NFL, Logan continued his study of S&C principles and practice. He became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – passing a nationally recognized certification test for science-based training. He became obsessed with finding the ideal workout tool – one that was affordable and portable, yet versatile enough to eliminate the time, money and limited space involved in gym-based training. He found the existing market unsatisfactory – available options were too limited, too bulky, too hot, or too expensive. When the pandemic hit, he poured all his stuck-at-home energy into designing the ideal product. Then, he met Stewart Correll.  

KATN® Product Engineer

Stewart Correll

Stewart is the world’s most prolific “Tempest” (high security, EMI protected electronics) product designer based upon the number of instruments and systems he has designed over the past three decades. Among many impressive engineering achievements, Stewart designed:

  • part of the ALSAP scientific package that went to the Moon on 4 Apollo missions. 
  • the original “auto refractor” used to measure the refractive index of the human eye
  • numerous industrial and professional cameras using instant film and for several years (if you went to a shopping mall anywhere in the World at Christmas and brought home a picture of your kid on Santa’s lap, there was a 90%+ chance that it was taken with a camera that Stewart designed)
  • consoles and rack enclosures used on surface and subsurface Navy ships
  • the high resolution Tactical Facsimile Machine used by all US and NATO forces for more than a decade
  • all the non-avionic computers previously used on Air Force One. 

Stewart’s extensive engineering knowledge was critical to the creation of the KATN® Strength Engine.

Product Name

Product Weight

Spatial Footprint(inches)

Sprint Work

Strength Work

Price(Attachment noy included)

Range of Cost(Plates Cost $1-$3 per lb)

Cost of Fully Loaded Equipment

Rouge Dog Sled 1.2

103 lbs





$500 - $1,500


Rouge Echo Dog Sled

87 lbs

36.5 x 25




$450 - $1350


Rouge Slice Sled

65 lbs

27.5 x 22.7




$300 - $900

$490 - $1,090

Rouge Butcher V2

75 lbs

42.25 x 47.25




$500 - $1,500

$785 - $1,785

Rouge S-25 Fatboy Sled

38 lbs

21.5 x 16




$500 - $1,500

$360 - $1,630

S-35E Rouge E Sled

26 lbs

28.75 x 9 




11 Calibrated Steel Plates = $1,1800 (484lbs), Comp Plates $1,067.85 (315lbs), $313.30 (180lbs)

$413 - $1280 (Calibrated Weights)

Power Max TA1541 Sprint Start Sled

27 lbs

37 x 17 x 15




N/A Sprint Sled Only

N/A Sprint Sled Only

KATN Strength Engine

5.5 lbs

11 x 125 x 5



Not Sold Without Attachments

No Added Weight Needed - Up to 800 lbs

$496 - Attachments Included

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