Athletes who KATN®

Joe C.

Former College Track Athlete

“For years, my lower back pain has prevented me from doing most traditional core workouts.  With KATN, I can now get a great core workout and target every other muscle group without aggravating my lower back.  KATN adjusts to your level of force so you’re always working at your own pace. KATN strength engine grows with your throughout your fitness journey.”

Casey Toohill

NFL Tight End

“I have used many forms of resistance training before but none as effective as the KATN Strength Engine. I was able to focus on specific movement weaknesses that I had and even greatly improve movements that I had believed I had already mastered. I noticed differences in my play almost immediately and decided that I must get my hands on a KATN as soon as possible. The system is easy to use easy to transport and would drastically improve any training program or space.”

Kelly P.

Former D1 Basketball Player

After two knee surgeries and a decade of competitive basketball, working out became synonymous with knee pain.  However, using the Strength Engine and the KATN Training Methodology has been a revelation. I now understand the muscle systems that support my joints, and I am stronger than ever.”

Mason T.

College Hockey Recruit

“KATN has helped me excel in my athletics by allowing me to focus on sport-specific movements.  The continuous resistance on the machine allows you to say under tension while you complete the whole exercise, unlike other machines.  KATN has also been critical in helping me develop proper form.”

Shawn B.

U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier (Pseudonym)

“I incorporated the KATN in my training program religiously for 18 consecutive months. The beginning of that time I was deployed in an austere environment with poor nutritional options, and an unorthodox sleep schedule.  While using the KATN 3-4x times a week, even in an environment with a less than ideal recovery situation, I can say with 100% confidence that I had never been in better shape.  My injury prevention, overall strength, and control of my movements and force development was the best it had ever been.  My maxes on my big 3 and clean skyrocketed.  More importantly, I moved well and was free of nagging injuries like hip impingement or back and hamstring tightness.  The programming Logan put together allowed me to incorporate both mobility enhancing exercises as well as strength and power producing exercises- a huge time saver and a great return on investment of time.”

Ashley C.

Former Gymnast, KATN® Mom

“I really enjoy using KATN! I love that I can work at my own pace, compete against myself, and that the equipment still feels perfectly safe even when I’m maxing out!